Math Competitions This website is not meant to be an exhaustive list of math competitions. FCAG is heavily involved with the administration of the AMC 8 and AMC 10 exams. Please use other resources for complete information about math competitions.

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FCAG will again offer the AMC 8 for free!

The contest will be held on Tuesday, November 17 in the evening.
We offer the contest to students -
1: From Fairfax County or Arlington, and
2: Who attend a school that has not offered the AMC 8; and
3: Who are in the 6th through 8th grade; or if younger, have demonstrated exceptional math ability by achieving a high score on a previous AMC 8.

Parents of students who meet those qualifications should contact Jeff Steele.

Please consider donating to support FCAG and the AMC 8. These competitions are among our biggest expenses and we can only offer it with your help.

FCAG offers the AMC 10A math competition on February 3, 2015.

FCAG will be offering the AMC 10A math contest this year. Luther Jackson Middle School will be hosting us again on the evening of February 3rd.

There are three criteria for being invited to take the contest with FCAG. An explanation for why we have these criteria is below the list:
1. We invite students in the 8th grade and under with AMC 8 Honor Roll or Distinguished Honor Roll scores.
2. We invite students only if their school does not offer the AMC 10 contest.
3. We will invite qualifying students from a school only if we can invite ALL of the qualifying students from that school.

Here are the explanations:
1. Our FCAG AMC 10 effort came about when we were pleasantly surprised several years ago at how many of our AMC 8 students did very well. The FCAG Board decided to invite the top performing 8th grade and under students to try the next level AMC contest. We set the bar at the AMC 8 Honor Roll score. If a younger student is not at that level, the AMC 10 s going to be too difficult. Also, we have limited seats, funding, and volunteer support. Therefore, we can't accept high school students.
2. We wanted to make an AMC 10 opportunity available to all qualified 8th grade and under students who do not have the opportunity to take the AMC 10 at their own school. With AMC offering the AMC 10 on the A date and B date, there are many students who want to take the contest on both dates. There is nothing wrong with this, and top math students should be doing both dates if possible. However, FCAG does not have the seating capacity, funding, or volunteer support to be providing two shots at the AMC 10 for all students. So if a student's school offers the AMC 10B, we will not accept that student for the AMC 10A. Also, if the student's school offers the AMC 10A, that student should take the AMC 10A with the school and not with FCAG in the evening. We do not accept students who decide not to take the AMC 10A at their own school because they have a higher priority activity that they choose to do instead of the AMC 10A. (We choose the A date because it seems to have fewer conflicts with middle school band and orchestra concerts.) We do not have any geographic limitations for the AMC 10.
3. The third criterion is new this year. There have been a small number of cases where there were more than one AMC 8 Honor Roll student at a school, but a parent was unwilling to help me find and invite the other qualified students. This year, I decided to make it a requirement. Either I invite all of the qualified students from a school, or I will not accept any AMC 10 students from that school.

Parents of students who meet the above criteria and want their children to take the AMC 10A with FCAG should email Jeff Steele for registration information. Please donate to support the AMC 10A. This year, we spent over $5,000 in testing costs: FCAG cannot continue these efforts without your financial support!

AMC 8 and AMC 10

FCAG provides the community a service by helping make available the AMC 8 and AMC 10 tests each year. In 2014, almost 1500 students took the test through FCAG. These tests are administered by volunteers across the county. If you would like to volunteer to bring AMC 8 to your elementary or middle school, please email us.

Information about the AMC 8 test will be announced via the Yahoo! Discussion Group.

The AMC 10 is offered by invitation through FCAG to middle school and other students who achieved an Honor Roll or higher score (19 and up) on the AMC 8, and whose school does not offer the AMC 10. For more information about the AMC 10, see

If you like to support FCAG to continue providing this service, please join us to become a FCAG member;
or you can

any amount your like through Paypal.

Other Math Competitions

There are other ways to get kids involved in mathematics through competitions. Ask your school about running a National Math Club or MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, or about Continental Math. Many successful elementary school clubs are run 'centered' on materials produced in large part to train students for competitions. The material is often available for free. MATHCOUNTS offers a free club program